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Know what sort of career you want to take up, and looking to lay the groundwork for it? An internship could be the answer for you. Whatever sort of work you want to do, you can be sure to find the first stepping stone to it at Uniblue.
  • What type of internships does Uniblue offer?
  • How does an internship differ from regular employment?
  • Do I need to have work experience to apply for an internship?
  • So what do you look for in an intern?
  • What are the benefits of being an intern at Uniblue?
  • What business areas are interns recruited for?

What type of internships does Uniblue offer?

At Uniblue we offer paid 2 – 6 month internships on a full-time or part-time basis. The intern has the chance to apply knowledge or skills learnt in an educational setting to the practical, professional environment of our organisation.

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