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What does PrivacyKeeper do?

The Problem:

You probably browse the internet; shop online; chat with friends and family; and even share photos and other personal details online. However, do you know what happens to all that data once you switch off your PC? It remains there. From the most amateur of hackers to the countless tracking technologies available on the market, your personal information – if unprotected - can be accessed by anyone who really wants it. Unless you actively protect your privacy, personal information can be sold, stolen or misused without you even knowing until it might be too late.

The Solution:

PrivacyKeeper is all you need to keep your privacy as you probably want it – Private! It securely erases all your online and offline tracks and activities and ensures your PC is cleaned out of any data storage files which could be a target for third parties. You can either opt for a one-click easy clean which will remove all identified records or else select which tracks from your digital footprint you want to wipe out. PrivacyKeeper is your one-stop-shop to ensure that what you do online is only for you to know and not for sale in cyberspace.

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Why do I need privacy protection software?

  • 1 in 5 internet users have their accounts compromised. You could be next.
  • Billions of dollars are collectively being lost by users falling victim to identity fraud.
  • Sensitive personal information like names, addresses, contact numbers, passwords, credit cards, date of births, etc.; can be maliciously retrieved and used against you.
  • Threats aren’t only present when browsing the internet. Files saved on your hard disk can still be illegally hacked.
  • Carelessness and lack of knowledge are what reinforce and sustain cyber theft.

How can PrivacyKeeper protect my privacy?

PrivacyKeeper offers you maximum privacy protection ensuring that any traces of your online and offline activity are protected and safely erased as needed. PrivacyKeeper does all the hard work for you. Thanks to its effective and easy-to-use features, privacy protection is within the reach of even the most novice computer user. With PrivacyKeeper you can sleep well at night knowing your personal information is safe and free from threat.

With PrivacyKeeper you can:

  • Scan for threats
  • Remove chat and instant messages
  • Erase usernames and passwords
  • Guard against internet fraud
  • Stop advertisers from prying
  • Stop leaving tracks behind
  • Protect offline files
  • Safeguard personal information

Take a closer look at PrivacyKeeper’s advanced privacy protection tools and NEW features here.

How does PrivacyKeeper work?

  • PrivacyKeeper runs a deep scan of your PC searching for saved usernames, passwords, filled forms, chat logs, your browsing history and other offline activity logs such as used files, applications, viewed videos and listened music saved on your hard disk.
  • It identifies what your privacy exposure and risk level are and reports back to you. You can then decide whether you want to clean all records found or else select which particular records you want to delete. You can also opt for quick scans selecting only specific information you would like PrivacyKeeper to go through.
  • For maximum privacy protection, you can have PrivacyKeeper automatically delete specific sites from your browser history the minute you close your browser. You can also choose to conveniently replace website addresses with dummy information to disguise, rather than delete your browsing history. For more information on these, and other features, go here.
  • Even though PrivacyKeeper identifies which records could be at risk, at no time and in no way does it read those records or store them in any way elsewhere, meaning that your privacy is completely protected.

What our customers say about our products

I am very impressed with the service - as I am with the software!

Robert Patrick Healey

I couldn’t be happier with your products and service. I'll gladly recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances.

Reg Eaglesfield

I will become a life time customer! Bravo, great company!

Darren Doucet

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PrivacyKeeper resources

For help on how to get started with PrivacyKeeper, download our easy to read quick start guide with a helpful overview to guide you through the application.

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