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Renewing your annual product subscription

If you chose to keep automatic renewal for your subscription product, prior to the expiry of your subscription we will use the billing information we have on file to renew your subscription automatically for another year.  Before you are charged for the renewal we will email you to inform you about the then current subscription price (including any applicable taxes), the date you will be charged for the renewal and give you the option to cancel the automatic renewal. 

If you cancel automatic renewal, you will still receive an email with the option to renew to another year of subscription at your complete discretion.  In this case you either accept to benefit from another annual subscription (in which case you will go through a regular purchase process through the Uniblue shopping cart), or else, you may ignore the email and your annual subscription will expire and will not renew.  Upon expiry of your subscription you will no longer be entitled to product updates and Expert Uniblue product support and you will be able to keep the product installed on only one computer.

For more information about the benefits of renewing your annual subscription, we invite you to visit the following page:

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